InformationalMay 5, 2022Why Startups Need Penetration Testing

The subject of whether startups require a penetration test comes up frequently when talking to entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, cyber criminals think differently. Adversaries are aware of their weak security postures, and as a result they become easy targets. 

Penetration testing or pen testing is the practice of evaluating a system’s security measures against a determined cyber-criminal. Startup owners should regularly engage in pen testing since it has considerable benefits for the growth and sustainability of their company. 

Penetration testing is often confused with vulnerability scanning (For more details, refer to Vulnerability Scanning vs. Penetration Testing), but it goes way beyond that. It analyses the consequences of a successful cyber-attack and provides information that businesses can use to support their technology and manpower investments. 

Here are Six Reasons Why Startups need Penetration Testing

1) Identify opportunities for improvement

According to research, every year, over 50% of SMEs face a cyber-attack. Within six months, almost 60% of these compromised companies close their doors. As such, taking minimal security precautions is no longer advised. Pen testing can be an excellent investment because it can identify loopholes in an organization’s security posture.  

Moreover, startups like yours should proactively invest in security-enhancing technology and manpower. To add, pen testing should be your first commitment since it will show you where you are vulnerable and how you can improve your security posture.  

2) Meet Compliance Standards 

Every day, organizations process and store sensitive data. For instance, hospitals deal with a lot of financial information as well as sensitive patient data generated by numerous linked devices. This is just one example. Depending on your industry, you may be required to comply with PCI, HIPAA, or GDPR. Compliance is sometimes ignored in the rush to get your business up and running. You don’t want to be non-complaint and fined.  

3) Identify Security Vulnerabilities 

As a result of their size, small business owners often believe they are immune to cyberattacks. This is far from the truth. Hackers are becoming more skilled and can target any firm. A pen test can uncover flaws in your infrastructure and applications. It can help you find flaws and fix them before a real-world attack takes place. Penetration testing may not end up in a situation where the tester is able to compromise sensitive data or steal money from your business. However, the firm assisting you during a security assessment, will be able to give you detailed insights into how they were able to break into your infrastructure or application along with fine-tuned recommendations. 

4) Simulate Real-World Attack Scenarios  

A comprehensive pen test mimics the exact conditions that your infrastructure or application would go through in event of a real-world attack. It prepares you for future cyberattacks without the risks of an actual breach. 

5) Credibility 

If your startup is a B2B or collaborates with other organizations, you will probably be required to do a penetration test and give proof in the form of a customer facing document. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a deal because you haven’t evaluated and assessed your company’s security posture. 

6) Mergers and Acquisitions  

Investors and buyers often ask for details about a startup’s security posture when considering a buy or sell. They want to invest and get a speedy return. A penetration test, often, is required by investors or buyers as part of any contractual arrangements.  

Cybersecurity experts are growing concerned about sophisticated hacking and coordinated cyber attacks. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of business leaders. This includes small business owners.  

A Penetration test has several advantages for startups. It can help you uncover risks and improve your company’s security posture, but it’s only the first step in implementing a full-blown security program. 

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Karan Patel

by Karan Patel

CEO & Technical Director | Redfox Security