Open source intelligence (OSINT) is a data gathering and collation technique that focuses on publicly accessible sources. Common sources include, but not limited to,  social media platforms, published content, company websites, forums, and also the dark web, with an end goal to find any information that could pose a risk to an organization. 

The gathered data is then combined, normalized, structured, and further analyzed to test the target organization’s operational security. In simpler terms, the data is harvested, enriched, and reported to collectively study the scope of attacks the organization can fall victim to. OSINT can be a part of red team engagements or advanced external network penetration tests.

Our Approach

Our security experts use cutting-edge OSINT strategies to extract vulnerable touchpoints so organizations can mitigate these risks before such information can fall into the wrong hands.

What to Expect

Final Deliverable

At Redfox Security, we deliver an in-depth report that displays all technical findings in detail, with the relevant risk ratings, descriptions, recommendations and reproduction steps. Every report follows a strict QA process to ensure quality, accuracy and correctness. At a high-level, our reports include the following sections:
Executive summary
Assessment Overview
Testing Methodology
Vulnerabilities Overview
Table of Contents
Detailed Vulnerabilities
Risk Rating Details

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