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Adversaries use advanced tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to covertly exploit weaknesses in security controls and organizational security awareness and bypass the internal security team’s detection and response capabilities. Besides relying on social engineering attacks, modern adversaries also target publicly accessible services such as email and web servers, VPNs, and Office365 environments. After gaining an initial foothold, adversaries attempt to bypass endpoint protection and move laterally within a network.

The ultimate goal of an attacker is to gain access to an organization’s critical assets. Thus, it’s clear how businesses should be up-to-date with their readiness for such attacks. 

At Redfox Security, we deliver red team engagements to assess an organization’s preparedness for advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks. We do this by emulating real-world attackers’ TTPs used by cybercriminals and malicious insiders.

Our Approach

To challenge your defences, we create and design customized attack scenarios, as per the rules of engagement (ROE), best suited to your organization’s security posture, thereby simulating real-world threat actors.

What to Expect

Final Deliverable

At Redfox Security, we deliver an in-depth report that details all technical findings, with the relevant risk ratings, descriptions, recommendations and reproduction steps. Every report follows a strict QA process to ensure quality, accuracy and correctness. At a high level, our reports include the following sections:
Executive summary
Assessment Overview
Testing Methodology
Vulnerabilities Overview
Table of Contents
Detailed Vulnerabilities
Risk Rating Details

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