Container Security


Container Security is a continuous process of safeguarding containerized applications from prospective threats. It manages risks through CI/CD pipelines, container network infrastructure, its management stack as well as the applications running on such containers. 

As more and more organizations adopt container technology, this significantly increases the threat landscape. Adversaries can exploit a vulnerable container application and position themselves to access your organization’s infrastructure or move laterally through your cloud environment. Such security risks can arise through your container preparation, development, and deployment phase.

At Redfox Security, we offer the following services:

  Container host review

  Container application review

  Container breakouts

  Container runtime configuration review

  Container network and infrastructure review

  Container management stack

Our Approach

Our team conducts a multi-layer container security assessment that involves a comprehensive review of your container environment.

What to Expect

Final Deliverable

At Redfox Security, we deliver an in-depth report that displays all technical findings in detail, with the relevant risk ratings, descriptions, recommendations and reproduction steps. Every report follows a strict QA process to ensure quality, accuracy and correctness. At a high-level, our reports include the following sections:
Executive summary
Assessment Overview
Testing Methodology
Vulnerabilities Overview
Table of Contents
Detailed Vulnerabilities
Risk Rating Details

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