API Penetration Testing

Web Application Penetration Testing


API attacks allow adversaries to exploit vulnerable endpoints and also the underlying applications associated with such API endpoints. Once these API endpoints are maliciously bypassed, attackers can gain unauthorized access to the sensitive data stored within the underlying applications. They can damage application functionality, abuse business logic, and access and threaten an organization’s internal infrastructure in certain circumstances. Adversaries proficient at exploiting insecure API endpoints can make any business vulnerable to consistent attacks.

What is API Penetration Testing?

API penetration testing encompasses the entire process of identifying vulnerabilities and creating secure endpoints in your APIs. API abuse is one of the most prevalent application risks, and it may wreak havoc on the regular operation of any digital enterprise. If deployed APIs are not thoroughly tested for security, problems such as data leakage, unauthorized access, and parameter tampering might develop.

The goal of an API penetration test is to find ways to exploit an API’s functions and methods and circumvent its authorization and authentication mechanisms. At the very least, an API penetration test includes checks for the following vulnerabilities (included in the OWASP API Security Top 10):

  1. Broken Object Level Authorization
  2. Broken User Authentication
  3. Excessive Data Exposure
  4. Lack of Resources & Rate Limiting
  5. Broken Function Level Authorization
  6. Mass Assignment
  7. Security Misconfigurations
  8. Injection
  9. Improper Assets Management
  10. Insufficient Logging & Monitoring

How do we carry out an API Pen Test?

At Redfox Security, we confidently test API penetration on SOAP and REST-based web services. Our experienced team applies the same rigorous testing methodologies in web application penetration testing, ensuring a comprehensive security assessment.

Benefits of API Penetration Testing

Benefits API Penetration Testing

Our Approach

Our team can help you identify vulnerabilities in your API architecture, highlight the risk your organization faces, and give recommendations to address and remediate such risks. To add, we follow OWASP’s standards for API security.

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