Secure Code Reviews


Source code reviews reveal deep-seated attack vectors through code-design flaws, misconfigurations, vulnerable dependencies, and dangerous code functions. Identifying such vulnerabilities during the initial application development phase can strengthen an organization’s security posture and keep attackers at bay.

Even better, source code reviews can help organizations assess larger attack surface areas, accurately resolve security flaws and ensure that your development teams follow secure coding practices.

At Redfox Security, we offer source code-assisted penetration tests to thoroughly understand an application’s attack surface, analyze its response to malicious input, scan for dangerous functions, detect deep-seated functional issues, and reduce the number of false-positive findings. This helps acquire a broad understanding of the application’s readiness to deal with attacks.

What is a Secure Code Review?

At Redfox Security, we understand the critical importance of secure software development in today’s digital landscape. With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, organizations must prioritize the security of their applications and systems. That’s where our Secure Code Review security testing comes in.

A secure code review is a comprehensive process that involves analyzing the source code of an application or software system to identify security vulnerabilities, coding errors, and design flaws. Our expert team of security professionals meticulously examines your code to assess its resilience against potential attacks, ensuring your software is robust and secure.

Our Secure Code Review Process

Secure Code Review is a systematic process of reviewing and analyzing the source code of an application to identify potential security vulnerabilities and coding flaws. It involves examining the codebase for common security weaknesses, such as injection attacks, authentication and authorization issues, input validation flaws, and insecure configurations. By conducting a Secure Code Review, we help you identify and remediate security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers. Our Secure Code Review Process includes the following: 

Analysis and Scanning

Our team begins by analyzing your source code, using advanced scanning tools to identify common vulnerabilities and coding errors. This automated process allows us to efficiently pinpoint potential security flaws.

Manual Review

Our experienced security professionals conduct a thorough manual examination of your codebase, focusing on intricate details and potential vulnerabilities that automated tools might miss. This step ensures a comprehensive assessment of your application’s security.

Vulnerability Assessment

We compile a detailed report outlining the identified vulnerabilities and their severity levels. Each vulnerability is categorized and prioritized, providing a clear remediation roadmap.

Remediation Guidance

Our team provides comprehensive recommendations for remediating the identified vulnerabilities. We offer guidance on secure coding practices, architecture improvements, and specific code modifications, helping you strengthen your software’s security posture.

Ongoing Support

We understand that security is an ongoing process. Our team can assist you throughout the development lifecycle, offering guidance on security best practices, continuous monitoring, and periodic code reviews to ensure your software remains secure.

Benefits of Secure Code Reviews

Our Approach

Our team thoroughly analyzes your source code, utilizing a combination of manual reviews and automated scans to detect potential security vulnerabilities that may pose a significant risk to your business.

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