Secure Code Reviews


Source code reviews reveal deep-seated attack vectors through code-design flaws, misconfigurations, vulnerable dependencies and dangerous code functions. Identifying such vulnerabilities during the initial phase of application development can strengthen an organization’s security posture and keep attackers at bay. 

Even better, source code reviews can help organizations assess larger attack surface areas, accurately resolve security flaws and ensure that your development teams follow secure coding practices.

At Redfox Security, we offer source code-assisted penetration tests to thoroughly understand an application’s attack surface, analyze its response to malicious input, scan for dangerous functions, detect deep-seated functional issues, and reduce the number of false-positive findings. This helps acquire a broad understanding of the application’s readiness to deal with attacks.

Our Approach

Our security experts take a deep dive into your source code and apply a potent fusion of manual reviews and automated scans to uncover security flaws that could pose a severe threat to your business.

What to Expect

Final Deliverable

At Redfox Security, we deliver an in-depth report that details all technical findings, with the relevant risk ratings, descriptions, recommendations and reproduction steps. Every report follows a strict QA process to ensure quality, accuracy and correctness. At a high level, our reports include the following sections:
Executive summary
Assessment Overview
Testing Methodology
Vulnerabilities Overview
Table of Contents
Detailed Vulnerabilities
Risk Rating Details

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