Offensive Cyber Security Training


With rising cyber attacks on organizations, security professionals are in-demand to safeguard data integrity, confidentiality, and availability. Automated vulnerability scanners are no longer effective against the complexities and intensity of such attacks. One of the most effective methods to protect an organization against such threats is through a manual and professional penetration test. Penetration testing thoroughly assesses an organization’s security posture and exposes security weaknesses before adversaries launch attacks.

Redfox Security offers courses for application, infrastructure, and cloud security. We equip you with hands-on training on methodologies, tools, and techniques necessary to execute the duties of a professional penetration tester. Additionally, participation in live training sessions allows you to interact with industry experts.

Featured Courses
Begin your journey by learning computing, networking, and cybersecurity fundamentals in just 3 hours
A 6-hour beginner-level course that covers various vulnerabilities commonly found in web applications
Unlock the power of pentesting Android apps for vulnerabilities while becoming a pro at securing them

Our Approach

Our goal is to transform your dream of becoming a security expert into reality so that you can kick-start an ever-evolving career in penetration testing. We offer courses in the following areas:
Web Application Hacking
Infrastructure Hacking
Mobile Application Hacking
Cloud Hacking

Want to learn how to hack things? We've got you covered.