Active Directory Security Assessments


Active Directory (AD) often holds the keys that grant ultimate access to an organization’s most valuable assets. They store attributes, objects and policies which protect, organize, and manage IT information, network resources, policies, security configurations and other important details within an organization’s infrastructure. A misconfigured Active Directory can demolish an organization’s security posture, often leading to a domain compromise. 

At Redfox Security, we perform an Active Directory Security Assessment by enumerating and analyzing datasets that include users, groups, computers, domains, domain controllers, trusts, forests, password policies, ACLs, GPOs, shares and several other touchpoints that adversaries or malicious insiders can exploit. These activities reveal crucial details on the security hygiene of an organization’s Active Directory environment and are aimed toward the smooth and secure functioning of IT operations.

Our Approach

Our approach reveals crucial details on the security posture of your Active Directory environment. It is aimed towards:

Fixing common AD misconfigurations
Analyzing common AD attack vectors
Understanding domain risk levels
 Hardening the existing AD attack surface

What to Expect

Final Deliverable

At Redfox Security, we deliver an in-depth report that details all technical findings, with the relevant risk ratings, descriptions, recommendations and reproduction steps. Every report follows a strict QA process to ensure quality, accuracy and correctness. At a high level, our reports include the following sections:
Executive summary
Assessment Overview
Testing Methodology
Vulnerabilities Overview
Table of Contents
Detailed Vulnerabilities
Risk Rating Details

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